Business Cards Still Matter in the Digital Age

First impressions matter. As long as that’s true, business cards can make your first impression a strong one. No matter how much technology moves business online, a business card, eye contact, and a firm handshake are irreplaceable.

Business cards are an essential branding exercise that can separate you from the competition. The cards reflect your brand and company, in addition to your contact information. Still wondering if business cards are relevant today? Here are four reasons why everyone should have them.

Enhance the Legitimacy of Your Business

You have to gain customers’ trust if you want their business. A business card demonstrates an air of professionalism that does precisely that. While it also contains your contact details, the card speaks volumes about your legitimacy and credibility.

The card can also foster networking opportunities. As you solidify your company’s reputation, a business card represents a chain in those personal relationships. It becomes a useful tool to meet new people and share information. Their simplicity and success are why companies of all sizes continue to use business cards.

Show Your Preparedness

Clients and customers value preparedness, and the business card is the perfect vehicle. They store your email address, mobile phone number, social media, and other contact information in a compact and convenient space. Having one on hand is an excellent indicator of your organization and reliability.

Consider the opposite situation. Maybe your phone is dead. Maybe you are scrambling to find a pen and cocktail napkin. These situations severely undercut your professionalism.

Leverage Direct Marketing

large machineA modern and attractive business card is a direct marketing tool. Well-designed cards complement your email marketing and search engine optimization presence as people engage with your brand through a new medium. That’s because exchanging a business card still comes with an in-person experience.

Business cards are still relevant because of their portability and convenience. Whether you are at a conference or an airport lounge, you can swap information in seconds. Having a handful of business cards at all times will ensure you can continuously market your company.

Add a Personal Touch

Business cards should reflect your brand. They are an opportunity to stand out while telling business owners or potential customers about your company. One of the best business cards we’ve ever seen is a divorce lawyer who perforated their card so that people can split it down the middle.

You don’t have to be a design whiz to make a great business card either. There are plenty of creative designers producing exciting designs at reasonable prices. You can even find a local printer for digital printing in NYC or get overnight printing to ensure you upgrade your wallet as quickly as possible and make sure you’re never without.

Making a strong first impression will ensure you stick around in the minds of your clients. The small investment in a better business card can pay off with massive results later. For all these reasons, you can expect to hear “let me give you my card” for many years to come.

Give us a call and speak to one of our specialists to review all of the business card printing options available to you. We offer a wide variety of features and utilize offset printing for large runs but most orders are printed digitally on one of our amazing high precision presses. We’ll make sure your business card pops, and we offer some of the quickest turnaround times in NYC!