Our Team

Meet Our Team of Printing Experts

The heart of any organization is its people. We’re fortunate to have some of the best and most dedicated people in the printing business — hands down. Our employees — many of whom have worked with us for decades — are proactive problem solvers who understand that a meticulously, well thought out workflow can shave minutes, or hours, off the time necessary to complete a job. But they never sacrifice quality and, moreover, they always answer the phone. Customer service is one of our core tenets and we’ve held that standard since we opened our doors in 1953. Get to know the people behind Influence Print, and feel free to say hi.

Our Founders

Joe Jurist


Joe grew up with ink on his hands and paper stuck to the bottom of his shoes. Working for the family printing business since he left the womb, he’s a wealth of printing knowledge and history. But don’t let that fool you. A salesman and marketer at heart, Joe is equally known for his creativity, delivering the best printed products, as well as arranging for amazing dinners in NYC.

For Joe the ability to help clients by providing input on their design and materials is priceless and has led to multi-decade relationships. Joe’s career has allowed him to run companies while constantly adapting new methods for manufacturing.

A graduate from the University of Colorado with a degree in Marketing, Joe also earned his MBA at NYU’ School of Business. And, because he has no plans to retire anytime soon, when he’s not helping clients and doing quality control, Joe can be found spending time with his family (he’s a Grandfather of the year nominee) or getting totally frustrated on the golf course.

Al Weiss

Founding Partner

A true creative marketer at heart, Al has a knack for burrowing into an industry in order to understand how it works and bring that vision to life. Having spent much of his career at American Express, as well as AT&T, Al was able to hone his people skills and business management acumen. Perhaps this is where he developed his genuine congeniality and knack for helping people smile.

After leaving Amex, he dove headfirst into Influence Graphics and learned all he could about managing a digital printing company. He credits this to his innate curiosity and ability to absorb and immerse himself in new ideas. Many of his employees have worked with him since Gutenberg was a little boy (feel free to Google that). Merging with Jurist Printing and installing their newest digital press are some recent career highlights, and also what gets Al excited to come to work everyday.

Al graduated from Temple University with a degree in Education and then went on to earn a Masters in Communications and Psychology.

He lives in New York City with his incredible wife, son and their dog, Riley. When he’s not toiling here at Jurist Influence washing bottles, you can find him shooting an atrociously bad round of golf, attempting to solve the NY Times crossword puzzle, or just plain chillin’.