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    Building and Barricade Wraps That Stand Above

    Say it big and say it loud with a beautiful building and barricade wrap from Influence Print. Our custom building wrap printing jobs are everywhere: malls, shopping centers, movie theaters, festivals and more. Anywhere you've got an ample space, building wrap and barricade wraps answer the call to maximizing that space, especially if your location is under construction. Building wraps provide two services at once (who doesn't like a 2-for-1 deal?) by hiding your construction and advertising to your customers that you're serious about either staying open or re-opening as soon as possible.

    Uses for Wraps

    Uses for Building & Barricade Wraps

    Not just for construction either, building wraps include wall murals, presentation graphics, fencing and more. Think of the possibilities:
    • Renovations
    • Construction Barricades
    • Malls
    • Shopping Centers
    • Festivals
    • Movie Theaters
    • Building Murals

    Creating Building & Barricade Wraps

    Creating Effective Building and Barricade Wraps

    What's bigger than a billboard but smaller than a city block? A building or barricade wrap, of course! The beauty of building wrap printing and barricade wrap printing is the sheer size. We all know that large prints make a big impact. Create a custom, beautiful piece of art on the side of a building (or dare we say, the front), providing beauty while advertising your business. Leveraging large images, texts, and graphics, building and barricade wraps can be seen far and wide, not only maximizing the space but also maximizing the reach of your marketing spend on this larger-than-life advertising. Examples include:

    • Opening Soon
    • Festival or Event Announcement
    • Location Launch
    • Still Open/Excuse Our Mess
    • Movie or Play Advertisements

    Wrap Features

    Building & Barricade Wrap Features

    Bold. Colorful. Dynamic. It may be as simple as "Opening Soon Business Name" or a detailed, artistic creation showcasing one of your top-selling product collections. Building and barricade wraps include massive text and imagery. Because of the large size, the text is minimal, and the impact is immense. Talk with one of our experienced Customer Service Representatives to uncover the right mix of ingredients to create your stunning building or barricade wrap. Include items like:
    • Core Message: Opening Soon, Product Line, etc.
    • Business Name
    • Logo
    • URL/Phone Number

    Printing Sizes

    Printing Sizes

    Every building and barricade wrap is an entirely custom size for your needs. The total height of your building, barricade wrapping on the construction fencing, shopping mall store entrances, whatever you need, whatever size, we'll print it to your exact specifications.
    • Building Entrance (Top to Bottom)
    • City Block Advertising (Great for high traffic intersections)
    • Shopping Mall Hallways
    • Store Entrances
    • The sky's the limit (literally)

    Printing Materials & Inking

    Printing Materials & Inking

    Barricade and building wraps materials vary almost (but not quite) as much as the sizing options. Wherever your building or barricade wrap will be and for how long it will be there (think about construction building wraps vs. building wall murals) will dictate the material used for your building and barricade wrap printing. Our printing inks seal the message of your barricade and building wraps with UV Ink (weather resistant and can be applied to almost any printing press material).

    Our Work: Building and Barricade Wraps

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Will Influence Print install my building or barricade wrap?

    Yes, our team will work with you to ensure your building or barricade wrap printing is installed correctly (and looks phenomenal). We stand by our work, big or small!  

    Where are the best locations for barricade or building wrap printing?

    Disguising your building/store renovations or construction with building wrap printing or barricade wrap printing is one of the best uses for this amazing advertising vehicles. For ongoing building wrap or barricade wrap printing, taking advantage of high traffic areas like busy intersections is advantageous and maximizes your marketing spend on these large format printing designs.