Business Card Printing in NYC

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    Professional Business Card Printing

    Influence Print offers premium business card printing throughout New York City and the Tri-State area. Our state-of-the-art HP Indigo digital press produces print perfect business cards every time, print after print. Whether it's a same day, overnight or online order, we will meet your business card needs flawlessly and on deadline. Your business card is an invitation to your brand. A cheap and poorly printed business card is a lackluster representation of your brand. But the right card will help seal a deal by conveying your brand in it's best light. Choosing the right paper stock, ink colors, finishing and printers can be the difference in making a great first impression instead of simply being thrown in the trash. Whether for trade shows, sales calls, or simply handing out on the street, your new business cards will leave a lasting impression and generate more sales.

    Card Variables

    Business Card Variables

    • Size (usually 3.5” x 2”)
    • Quantity (the more you order, the lower your price per card)
    • Paper (choose between uncoated, coated, etc.)
    • Printed Side (front or front and back)
    • Turnaround (when you need your cards in hand)
    • Upload your photo or company logo

    Creating Business Cards

    Creating Effective Business Cards

    It goes without saying that your business card needs to have the most crucial information about your business. This ensures it keeps your customers coming back. While many people try to be clever with their messaging, the bottom line is that your card is there to help them reach out to you when they most need you. So it’s important to include the following  information:
    • Business name
    • Your name
    • Phone number
    • Email
    • Website
    • Location
    • Anything else that’s relevant (services, tag line, offer)

    Printing Materials

    Business Card Printing Materials

    When your business card feels as good as it looks, it makes it even more appealing to your customer. While traditionally most people print on 12pt or 14pt paper, giving your cards extra protection like UV coating gives customers another reason to keep your card around because it stays clean and scratch-free. The most common materials include:
    • 12pt card stock (high-volume events)
    • 14pt card stock (everyday events - most commonly used paper)
    • Plastic (thicker, re-usable, and made with high-quality PVC plastic)

    Finishing Options

    Finishing Options

    The right finish sets you apart from the competition. Do you want customers to write their appointments on the card? Does your card need to convey a luxury brand with foil stamping or embossing? Do you want matte or gloss? What about texture? Let us help you express your business style.

    • Uncoated
    • Cardstock gloss
    • Cardstock matte
    • Plastic with more flexible or rigid options
    • Foil
    • Embossed
    • Magnetic
    • Transparent
    • Letterpress

    Printing Specs

    Printing Specs

    While many people like to get creative with size and shape, remember that creating a printed business card that fits into your customer's wallet, cardholders, and small pockets allows them to keep your card handy so they know where to go the next time they need your products or services. Make the right impression with the right size for your country. In the US, the standard size is 3.5" x 2" while in the UK, the standard is 3.35" x 2.17"

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    What size are business cards?

    Standard business cards are  3.5" x 2". Remember, when you're designing or choosing a template, the dimensions may include a "bleed area," which is extra space for images, patterns, or design elements that go beyond the cut edges. This prevents white edging around your finished card. But many people choose different sizes and shapes for their cards to stand out, so we offer various sizes to meet your needs.

    How thick is a business card?

    Business card thickness is usually measured in "points" or "pt" for short. The thicker the card, the higher the points. Paper type affects the weight and thickness, but the standard business card thickness is 12pt or 14pt. Be sure to choose something that isn’t too thin and will feel flimsy but isn’t so thick that it won’t fit in a wallet!

    How do I pick a business card template?

    Typically, business cards have a horizontal layout, but there are also vertical business card options. Choose a template that suits your business style and looks the best with your content.

    If I add a special finish to my card, will it be on both sides?

    This depends on the finish selected. For a textured card, the front will have the texture you choose. The back will be a smooth, matte surface, making it easier for your customers to add notes, write appointments, or other information. A glossy card finish is glossy on both sides of the card.