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    Duratrans that Light Up Your Marketing

    Did you know this type of advertising only began in the 1970's? We can see why it's become such a hit; nothing else is quite like it! Duratrans signage delivers your advertising on quality backlight film with continuous-tone resolution. Our state-of-the-art equipment prints your duratrans and our installation team make sure it looks as good as you've come to expect from our experts!

    Uses for Duratrans

    Uses for Duratrans

    Consider just a few of these options for using duratrans signs in your marketing toolkit:

    • Retail signage
    • Public display advertising
    • Trade show displays
    • Fine art displays

    Creating Duratrans

    Creating Effective Duratrans

    The details are crucial to creating effective duratrans. Where will it be displayed? What are you promoting? Do you want it graphic-driven, text-driven or a combination? What's usually included on the average (although they’re anything but!) duratrans sign?
    • Backlit color
    • Continuous tone resolution
    • High-quality black opacity
    • High-quality graphics, including photos

    Duratrans Features

    Duratrans Sign Features

    Unlike other signs, duratrans signs are printed on unique film designed for backlit displays. Printed at an astounding 4000 dpi, your custom duratrans signs deliver beyond belief color that can’t compare to anything else. These are the common elements included on duratrans signs:
    • Company logo
    • Product images
    • Custom message

    Printing Sizes

    Duratrans Printing Sizes

    Large-format printing taken to the extreme, duratrans signs deliver your message from 20" to 50" x 100' rolls. Talk with one of our experienced Customer Service Representatives to design the custom duratrans signs for your needs. Here are popular duratrans signage sizing:
    • 20"x100'
    • 30"x100'
    • 40"x100'
    • 50"x100'

    Materials & Finishing

    Duratrans Materials and Finishing

    Made with unique, duratran-specific film, this translucent-base color material is made especially for large displays. Duratrans signs continue to impress with their unique options like two different types of exposure methods. The white-light exposure method controls the color balance with dichroic filters built into our equipment. Then to continue our tech-speak, the tri-color exposure method uses three separate, consecutive exposures (the name makes sense now, right?). Don't worry; you don't need to decide which exposure method to use for your duratrans signs. We'll review your design and make the choice that's right for your sign, messaging and location.

    • Duratran film (aka display material)
    • Some use a suspension system (hooks, grommets, springs)

    Our Work: Duratrans

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Where does the word "duratrans" come from?

    Kings of the photography and film industry, duratrans is a trade name created by Kodak back in 1979. It's since become a widely-used generic term.

    There are other backlit sign options. How do I know if it's duratrans or not?

    Not all backlit signs are equal. For example, duratrans signs aren’t on thermal or solvent inkjet backlit film. They’re not lightbox or display cases, translucent acrylic or plastic. Finally, duratrans signs aren’t color slide film small format color transparency film. As a reminder, duratrans signs are large-format, photochemically developed, highest quality printing. We can honestly say there's nothing else that matches the color quality of duratrans signs.