Promotional Materials

Promotional Materials that Speak Volumes

Stop right now and look around (especially if you’re at the office.) What do you see? Pens, calendars, t-shirts, hats, brochures, and maybe even a video playing on your computer. Almost all of those items are promotional materials. They have a company name, logo, or marketing message (or all of the above!).

The right promotional products have shown to increase a company’s image as much as 52%. With Influence Print’s state-of-the-art digital printing services we can create promos that increase brand awareness (so they know who you are), nurture relationships (gotta have those relationships), promote engagement (we know engagement is not just about weddings, right?), increase trade show traffic (when those happen again), and, our favorite, increase memorability (to get those sales, they have to remember your business!).

  • Business Card Printing

    Business Card Printing

    Did you know that in 17th century Europe, cards were used to announce the impending arrival of aristocrats? While business cards today might not be us
  • Poster Printing

    Poster Printing

    Want to get your message across quickly (and beautifully)? A large poster will do the trick and impress. Their sheer size alone attracts attention, bu
  • Post Card Printing

    Post Card Printing

    One of the most powerful ways for your business to reach potential clients and repeat customers is with a well-designed and well thought out postcard.
  • Pamphlet Printing

    Pamphlet Printing

    Get your message out without busting your marketing budget. A high-quality pamphlet promotes your sales, marketing information, products, events, perf
  • Sell Sheet Printing

    Sell Sheet Printing

    Looking to get your sell sheets into your customers’ hands — and get them to take action? Make sure that sell sheet is polished and presentable.
  • Insert Printing

    Insert Printing

    Coming soon! Subscribe today! Congratulations! Inserts vary from magazine inserts, invitation inserts, newsletter inserts, CD inserts, and everything,
  • Magnet Printing

    Magnet Printing

    If you want to make sure your company’s business stays top of mind for your customers - and your marketing pays off - consider magnets! Relatively s
  • Variable Data Printing

    Variable Data Printing

    Variable data printing enables you to develop targeted marketing and outreach materials for your customers. Influence Print uses cutting-edge laser pr