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    Brochure printing that gets noticed

    The right brochure should do the talking for you. More than a regular old flyer, a slickly printed brochure announces your business and sets the tone for your overall brand. Plus, with our print-on-demand services, you can print as few or as many as you'd like for any event you might need them for — a conference, trade show, event, meeting, display, etc. Your customized brochure is your opportunity to sell without having to sell. With print on demand you can easily update your brochure files  when you have new offers, so you're always current. With high-quality brochures from our world-class printing services, everyone is sure to be  impressed. No worries about turn-around time either; we deliver 100% on time, every time!

    Brochures that Sell

    Brochures that Sell

    Want new brochures tomorrow? Done! We routinely (but nothing is routine about our designs) provide rush order services with two and, true story, even one-day turn-around time. Our advanced digital printing presses print your brochures at an affordable price, too (whether you need 50, 500, or 5,000 copies.) Brochures not only impress, they also help you stand out from the crowd. Shout your offers from the rooftop (metaphorically, of course) with a brochure that showcases who you are and what you have to offer. Multiple-fold options help seal the deal on your brochure content, so it's easy for people to read and keep your brochures on hand. They also look amazing on your business counter with a brochure stand. Brochures give your business a professional (and easy) way to spread the word about the vital things your customers need to know to decide to buy from you.
    • Single Fold Brochure
    • Tri-Fold (Letter Fold) Brochure
    • Tent Fold Brochure
    • Gate Fold Brochure
    • Accordion Fold (Z-Fold) Brochure
    • Roll Fold (Barrel Fold) Brochure
    • Parallel Fold Brochure
    • Saddle Stitched Brochure
    • Perfect Bounds Brochure
    • Spiral Bound Brochure
    • Wiro Bound Brochure
    • GBC Bound Brochure
    • Stapled Brochure

    How to Print Brochures

    How to Print Brochures

    Since we’re print-on-demand specialists, it’s even easier for you to print your brochures as needed. No need to stock-pile, plus you can customize your brochures and print more whenever you need to. Stop fretting about the details; our specialists know the ins and outs of every aspect of brochure printing from the printing itself to the cut to the folding. We even take care of the binding (all done precisely to your specifications.) Below are some of the most requested project styles:

    • Single Fold
    • Tri-Fold or Letter Fold
    • Tent Fold
    • Gate Fold
    • Accordion Fold
    • Roll Fold Or Barrel Fold
    • Parallel Fold
    • Saddle Stitched
    • Perfect Bound
    • Spiral Bound
    • Wiro Bound
    • GBC Bound
    • Stapled Brochures

    Creating Brochures

    Creating Effective Brochures

    Easily the most popular way to share the deets on your business, your brochures tell the story shortly and effectively. New ideas, create product recognition or showcase your services with stylish, colorful brochures. We recommend including the following:
    • Business name
    • Phone number
    • Location
    • Hours
    • Delivery options
    • Location
    • Anything else that’s relevant (services, tag line, offer)

    Printing Materials

    Brochure Printing Materials

    Cover to cover, your brochure speaks volumes while still keeping things simple and easy for you to create. Entice your customers with a luxurious heavy paper on the cover that looks as good as it feels. The interior of your brochure can be a lighter weight (but still very high-quality.) This look is aptly named a 12 pager plus cover, or, for the larger brochures, a 16 pager plus cover. Of course, you can use the same stock on the front and interior (FYI, pick a "self-cover" for this option.)
    • 100 lb. Paper Gloss Text
    • 100 lb. Paper Gloss Cover


    Brochure Finishing Options

    Get creative with a fly-out page to show your products or services on an extra panel that folds out. It transforms into a three-panel spread, like a beautiful map of your products. Tear things up with a perforated page so your employees can return their benefit enrollment information or apply for a job. Jazz things up with a UV coating, giving that extra layer of protection with a long-lasting, scratch-proof, smooth surface.
    • Outside only
    • Outside and inside
    • Fly-out page
    • Perforated page
    • UV coating


    Brochure Binding Options

    Sealing the deal with your brochure (so it stays together) comes down to the folding and the binding. How many pages (panels) and how people will read your brochure, are the deciding factors. Will it be a single, tri (letter), or tent fold? Get out your accordion, roll things up, or even fold it like a barrel or make it parallel. For a standard (that are above the rest), most brochures are saddle-stitched with a couple of staple-like wire pieces keeping things connected. Some brochures could be perfect bound (which sounds, ahem, perfect), spiral, and there are even  options to keep things interesting for your readers. Check out all your binding options:
    • Single Fold
    • Tri Fold Or Letter Fold
    • Tent Fold
    • Gate Fold
    • Accordion Fold
    • Roll Fold Or Barrel Fold
    • Parallel Fold
    • Saddle Stitched
    • Perfect Bound
    • Spiral Bound
    • Wire Bound
    • GBC Bound
    • Stapled Brochures

    Printing Specs

    Brochure Printing Specs

    We've got a secret. A common brochure size looks like it's 8.5" x 11" but did you know it's actually an 11" x 17" paper folded like a brochure? While your brochure is uniquely yours, almost all brochures are printed in full-color on both sides. We can specify to your needs but traditionally most businesses choose 5.5" x 8.5" or 8.5" x 11".

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    What does saddle stitching mean?

    It's time to saddle up. "Saddle stitching" means that two staples are holding your brochures together along the center edge. The trick here is that the staple sizes are based on the number of brochure pages. Ironically, some booklet-making equipment doesn't actually use staples but cuts wire and magically creates staples.

    Do I need UV coating?

    If your brochures are only handled occasionally, probably not. If your customers routinely thumb through your brochures, it's worth it (and helps avoid the extra cost of replacing ruined brochures.)

    Is a brochure the same as a flyer?

    Almost, but not quite. A flyer is a one-pager that doesn’t have folds. It's all about what's in between those folds that make your brochure stand out from the crowd.

    What’s the turnaround time after placing the order?

    We get right on it when you place your order. First, we'll check your design to ensure we've got the correct file size, format, quality (making sure it doesn't look blurry or hard to read), and any other little details that may affect the quality of your design. We finalize the design, you approve it, and then we hit the production button. Rest assured, we have a 100% success rate for on-time delivery.

    Do I have to order a large number of brochures?

    Absolutely not! We specialize in print on demand: order only the number of brochures you need right now, then we can print more when you need them again. You can even make updates and get new brochures printed whenever you need them.