Retractable Banners That Attract Customers

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    Retractable Banners that Stow and Go

    Attracting customers to your special offer, exhibit, or event has never been easier with stunning (and affordable) custom retractable banners. Share your message, build brand awareness, and stand out from the crowd with these 31.5" x 83" lightweight and easy to transport banners. Highly customizable (we can easily replace your current retractable banner with an updated special or unique event), the base unit is so light, and it all fits in a quality carrying bag. It’s never been easier to take a banner to your next event, trade show, or corporate meeting.

    Uses for Retractable Banners

    Uses for Retractable Banners

    Here are some ideas of where to use retractable banners (but the sky’s the limit):
    • Trade Shows
    • Point-of-Purchase Spots
    • Restaurants
    • Exhibits
    • Conferences
    • Corporate Presentations
    • Retail Stores

    Creating Retractable Banners

    Creating Effective Retractable Banners

    Do you have a new product or service? Are you directing your foot traffic toward a specific entrance, exit, or purchase point? Retractable banners say what you need to say (with style), offer enough space to be seen from further away, and of course, are portable enough to move to different locations (on site or off). Move them around inside (to showcase another area in your location) or take them from event to event. It's simply a matter of choosing what you want to say and how you want to say it. Don't worry, if you need help, our expert Customer Service Representatives are ready to give you the information you need. Your retractable banner can include:
    • Business name
    • Business logo
    • Product name
    • Eye-catching artwork/graphics
    • Simple message (what do you want them to know?)
    • Anything else you want

    Banner Specs

    Retractable Banner Specs

    Your retractable banner is housed in lightweight aluminum. This base frames the bottom of your customized banner (plus it rolls back into the base like a tidy little sleeping bag) to keep your storage needs down for the rare times your banner isn't out on the floor working its magic attracting customers or directing traffic. Plus, when you include these in your marketing toolkit, you get double the advertising potential because they’re perfect for outdoors too! Whenever you need to change it up (because we all know change happens whether we like it or not), we can swap your retractable banners with new graphics (we'll install it in your base for you) when you need it. After all, this is what we do — making your custom print graphics when you need them! Some stats for you to consider:

    • Weighs approx. 7 lbs. (total with the stand)
    • 31.5" x 83"
    • Vinyl anti-curl
    • Aluminum base (light but durable)
    • Retractable banners typically last two or more years (with proper care)
    • Indoor & outdoor use
    • Quick & easy set-up (no assembly or tools required)

    Printing Sizes

    Printing Sizes

    Standing up and getting noticed, big or small, your custom retractable banner will deliver in the right size for your needs. Whether outside your store entrance, on a trade show table (showing off the gifts people can win when they enter your drawing), or pointedly in front of a beautiful display of your newest collection, Influence Print provides custom, retractable banner printing to your specifications. Sizes include:
    • 5” x 84”
    • 33” x 84#
    • 36” x 84”
    • 48” x 84”
    • 59” x 84”

    No Assembly Required

    No Assembly Required Retractable Banners

    Pull your banner out from the bag and simply click to display your retractable banner. No tools or assembly required! If you need to carry it to another location, click to roll it back into the base, store it in the bag, and away you go. Repeat as often as you need (though we know you'll want to keep them front and center). The sturdy vinyl material can handle the pressure of attracting your customers wherever you want. Did you know they’re easy to keep clean too? A little wipe down with a slightly damp rag and you're back to sparkling again. Your retractable banner includes:

    • Pre Assembled aluminum stand and lightweight carrying case
    • Durable vinyl material

    Our Work: Product Name

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Which size should I choose?

    Retractable banners are compact enough to fit in most aisles, trade show booths, and wherever you might need them. Choosing your size is based on what you need to say and where you plan to display (hey we made a rhyme!). Check with our experienced Customer Service Representatives and we'll guide you to choosing the right size for your needs.

    Can I reuse my retractable banner?

    Absolutely! Our retractable banners are printed and built to be used and reused for years to come. With proper care (they're easy to clean with a slightly damp rag), these portable marketing props can last for two years or more.

    What's the turnaround time after placing the order?

    After reviewing your order to ensure we have all the correct information (files, format, quality to make sure it looks crystal clear on your retractable banner), we set up your banner for approval and printing. Once approved, it usually takes 24-48 hours for printing depending on quantity.