HP Indigo Printing in New York City

Hp Indigo Printing Press in NYC locationWe offer state-of-the-art Indigo Printing in New York City for a quick, high-quality solution for many types of projects and business needs. Brochures, books, pamphlets or photo specialty print jobs are commonly requested, and quite easy for us. Our HP Indigo Digital Presses deliver professional print publications with a beautiful seven color capability.Challenge us! Our laser-focused team and great lineup of equipment will be sure achieve your print goals with 100% on-time delivery! Below are some pictures of our machines (and skillful operators) in action!


Details about our Indigo Printing Presses

One of the original concerns with digital printing was color. Could digital printing compete with offset lithography? The experts at Hewlett Packard created a digital printer that can!

The HP Indigo 5500 Press has increased the number of colors that can be used for digital printing. It has 7-color Pantone emulation including Pantone Goe and off-press mixing. For more precise jobs where exact color matching is key, we at Influence can customize the color palette with the Indigo Ink Mixing System.

Add the speed and affordability of Indigo Printing and our high-quality print process and you have the perfect machine for professional businesses in NYC. If you have a job that must be completed ASAP, you can be comfortable knowing that our Indigo Digital 5500 and 7000 presses have the power to get it done with usually plenty of time to spare.

Here are some specifications for our Indigo 5500 presses:

  • 120 x letter-sized pages per minute in four-colors (7,200 per hour)
  • 240 x pages per minute in one or two colors (14,400 per hour)
  • Resolution is 812 with line screens at 1,219 DPI
  • Media size is 13 x 19 inches
  • Media thickness is 70 to 400 microns (3 to 16 pt.)
  • Additional feeder with 6,000-sheet capacity

The most demanding printing requirements for color, speed and customization are all satisfied by the HP Indigo Digital Printer. Our customers expect the best printed products and are counting on speed, reliability and exceptional customer service. The Indigo helps us achieve this, and is why we’re proud to be trusted Indigo printing professionals in NYC. Give us a call or inquire online if you have any specific printing needs, we’d be happy to discuss our capabilities!

As we like to say around the shop, “When you don’t want to mess around, just put it on the Indigo .”

short run digital printing

Faster Variable Data Printing with indigo

One of the trickiest jobs is the “Variable Data Print” with individualized instructions for a subset within a larger printing set. Our NYC Indigo Printing capabilities can take information from your external file or database to create individualized prints within a larger set. This can be ideal for wedding invitations, location-based advertising and direct mail campaigns. Adding an individual’s or company’s name to material can be very important, and a little personal touch always stands out.

While other traditional printing jobs will “bog down” with these individualized requests, the digital Indigo 7000 does not skip a beat. Whether you want fast big jobs or fast customized small jobs, the latest HP digital printer can’t be beat. The new HP Indigo Press delivers sharper images, brighter colors and more gloss uniformity than anything else on the market, which is why we have two of them.