Need Banners Printed Fast? Read this.

HP Printer Scitex 7000 Banner PrintingWe offer quick and perfect “first time, every time” banner and large format printing, and we’d love to show you how we can positively “Influence” your next project. At influence Print, large format and banner printing comes easily for us. Our experience with the format, amazing employees and great machines make it possible.Regarding machines, meet our Scitex FB700 printing press. Our shop has two of these amazing pieces of equipment  and it allows us to handle a wide variety of large-format printing projects with speed and precision. Whether you need  100 feet of outdoor signage in full color or a single medium-sized banner, your project will be completed quickly and look great- we guarantee it.Many print shops and even customers of ours are talking about the FB700 printer and have written glowing reviews. Variable printing speeds of up to 80 meters squared per hour and the ability to print up to six pages at once, and three liter ink cartridges allow the printers to run continuously for long periods, allowing print runs to finish faster. The FB700 provides full six color printing, with 600 and 1200 dpi resolution for sharp and clear images. The FB700 is also sturdy and very reliable, must-have features in our industry.If you need larger materials printed, especially if you need it done quickly (we did a banner overnight a few weeks ago for a brand new customer who can’t stop telling us how much we saved her day) call us and we’d love to show you what we can offer.