What Colors Should I Choose for My Vinyl Banners

If you’re looking for a great way to advertise your business, a vinyl banner is the way to go. They’re eye catching and hard to miss when people are out and about. It’s the perfect way to get some publicity. Also, they’re not as common forms of advertisements so they have a tendency to stick out to people. Use a vinyl banner as your edge.Representation Is the GoalWhen picking out what you want on your banner, representation matters. The goal is to get people’s attention and have them recognize you. If you have company colors, now is a good time to employ them.Make sure your vinyl banner is a good reflection of who you are. If you have a logo of some sort, you can make that more of a center focus than actual color. This is a good time to get creative.

Make sure you’re differentiating yourself from others. Come up with your own look that will set you apart from competitors. How you use design and color will dictate how people subconsciously view your company. Make sure you’re representing yourself honestly.

Avoid Distracting Designs

Design absolutely matters when creating a banner. People need something readable and easy to look at. The brain processes big words and simple color blocking.

It’s always best to have a simple design that won’t confuse anybody. There should be a very clear focal point that the eye is drawn to. This is where the most important information should go. Everything else should lead the eye to that information.

The colors need to avoid distracting the reader from the content of the banner. While the colors should grab somebody’s attention, they shouldn’t cause a car accident if it’s hanging by a street light. It should be easy to comprehend and recognize, even from a distance. Give people something to remember you by.

Contrasting Colors are the Way to Go

Colors that contrast are always a good option when advertising because it gives it a pop. McDonald’s is a prime example with their contrasting yellow and red sign. It’s an easy color combination to recognize. Blue and white is another common contrasting combination used. These colors not only catch people’s attention but are aesthetically pleasing.

Bright colors are great but they can be distracting if you aren’t careful. This goes back to design and how colors affect the rest of the elements of your banner. Solid backgrounds go well with white lettering and vice versa. This is always a safe bet for your vinyl banner. A neutral with a bright color works really well too in most cases.

Hopefully, you’re ready to create the perfect banner for your business. This is a great time to make creative decisions that separate your company from others. Help yourself get ahead of the game by making a name for yourself with this great advertising method. You’re on your way to elevating your organization with your vinyl banner.