Next flight out: saving the deal from 30,000 feet

Project Type: Pitch Books

What happens when a client sends an investor pitch to the wrong client, the day of the meeting? The short answer: we flew them there ourselves. 

One of our clients was conducting a major pitch to investors in a few days. We produced the pitch pamphlets they needed for the meeting. Their banker overnighted the completed books to the client on the west coast the day before the meeting and then hopped on a plane. While he was in flight we received a panicked phone call from his assistant alerting us that they’d mistakenly sent the package to the wrong client. With the banker out of communication, decisions had to be made.

We immediately reprinted the books, called the airline and booked a ticket for one of our employees for the next flight out. Before the assistant could even get authorization for the expense our employee was airborne. We arranged a car service to pick him up and whisk him to the client’s location. The books arrived with minutes to spare before the meeting started. Needless to say the expense was retroactively authorized and we got the banker’s heartfelt thanks for saving the deal.